Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday night crafts 9/6/12

Heather Beth here! Actually, we're all here tonight, on a Friday (weird, right?). This project we did...quite a few weeks ago. Blogging fail. So we wanted to make vases, but we used these confetti glasses as our guide:

We started with little dollar store vases!

Then we selected our colors...I wanted mine to look like fall leaves. was so long ago that it was still hot out!

June has NO PATIENCE and used a hair dryer to dry hers:

We accidentally bought matte sealer, so they're...frosted.


Heather Rae's:

mine (Heather Beth!):

I like how the bottom looks like a pile of leaves! I want to play in it.

Overall, a fun project! More autumn projects to come, definitely :)

-Heather Beth