Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Solo post!

Heather Beth here....

So sometimes, when I finish homework early or feel like ignoring the dishes, I craft.

Ok, I do it when I haven't finished my homework too. That's going to have to change!

Chris and I went to Michael's on Sunday to pick up some projects to do for the afternoon. Pinterest has really been making me excited for Halloween, and I have seen so many cute crafts that I wanted to try on my own! I found these little gems in the clearance section for 99 cents:

Now, something called to me about these. Perhaps it is my lack in Mod Podge skill, but I really wanted a cheap project to try it out. I used some Halloween scrap paper, a sponge brush, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, some clothespins (optional!), and Mod Podge matte.

First I measure out my scrapbook paper. I forgot to account for the lid (which won't fit over the scrap book paper) on the first two and ended up with lidless tins. Womp womp.

Then I laid down my Mod Podge and quickly adhered the scrapbook paper, being sure to press it firmly on each side to avoid bubbles.
Mod Podging make me feel like I am five years old. It might be the smell (my husband says it smells like Elmer's glue), or the sponge brushes...but it was a good time!

Because I was afraid the Mod Podge wouldn't hold on the edges, I stuck on some clothespins. I waited till the Mod Podge was mostly dry first, otherwise it would rip the paper when I took them off. Not that I did that or anything..that would be silly. All in all, this step was likely unnecessary. 

Then I added some chalkboard stickers to them and voila!

I think it was fairly successful for my first real Mod Podge project...what do you think?

Maybe these two will find a home on the desk at my work during Halloween!

-Heather Beth

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